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We identify your needs with our experienced team and design the most suitable solution for your product.

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We Use Eco-Friendly Materials

We believe in the power of recycling and contribute to a greener future with our 100% recyclable products.

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Areas of Use

Honeycomb panels are widely preferred in many sectors due to their combination of robustness and low cost.

Transportation and Logistics
There are different logistics and transportation solutions such as pallets, fillers and separators. Prevents damage to the product during storage and transportation. 80% lighter than alternative pallets.
It is used for main parts such as car roofs, interior trim parts, spare tire covers or for the safe shipment / storage of vehicle intermediate parts. Stand out with product-specific designs
It is used in doors, acoustic walls, exhibition panels and other partition solutions. Its high compressive strength, light weight and flexibility create advantages.
mobilyalar için petek panel ambalaj
It enables the construction of products such as shelves, tables, partition cabinets, panels. Plays an important role in protective packaging and furniture transportation. Reduces product damage and freight costs.
endüstriyel petek panel ambalaj
Industrial Areas
Its strength, stiffness and shock absorption qualities make it the perfect protection solution. It can be applied as corner protection, edge protection, full impact protection, inner packaging or special protective designs.
reklam sektörü
This is a material that provides high print quality. Widely used in many different ways such as walls, billboards, stands, fair designs. Thanks to its light but strong structure, it is a useful product in the advertising sector.
beyaz eşya petek panel ambalajlama
White Goods
Thanks to its shock absorbing and anti-impact properties, it ensures that white goods travel undamaged until the final buyer. Its use in storage and logistics solutions optimizes the customer experience.
petek panel kullanım alanları
And More
Its unique properties and ecological footprint enable it to be used in many other sectors such as food, health and sports equipment.
Creates advantages!
petek panel avantajları
Low Cost Low
100% Recycling 100%
Low Weight Low
High Strength High
Shock and Vibration Absorber Shock an
Vibration Absorber
Certified Solutions
We guarantee the standards of our products with ISO 90001, ISO 14001, ISO 28000, ISO 45000 and FSC® (Sound Forest Management) certification. We protect our natural resources with our IREC certificate.
IREC Certificate IREC
ISO 9001 Certificate ISO
ISO 14001 Certificate ISO
ISO 28000 Certificate ISO
ISO 45001 Certificate ISO
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Towards Change!

Towards Change!

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